You can read some testimonials from former clients below.

(I have) … a much better understanding of myself, who I am and what has made me ‘me’, pluses and minuses and how to deal with the minuses.

I have found having Rosemary walk alongside me when I was in the depths of depression a source of comfort and help both for that time and the future.  Thank you.

It has been helpful to have someone who is able to make links between my feelings/behaviour and events that have happened in my past.

I have found counselling difficult at times but well worth the time and money.

It has been valuable being able to have an hour of time dedicated to talking about my issues in a friendly and safe environment.

(I am) … more able to talk about feelings to others, still difficult but a noticeable change.

It has given me the platform to embrace life fully.

It has been the most beneficial experience of my life.

Rosemary is trustworthy and created a safe environment where a holistic approach is ensured.

(I am)…. more able to identify patterns in my own behaviour and feelings, and therefore able to think about how to change.

Rosemary is a gifted and very experienced therapist.  She allows you to be who you need to be.